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In-plant Printing


In-Plant Label & Tag Printing

CLP sells and supports a variety of thermal printing systems. These range from more common units for printing standard 4 x 6 shipping labels to more specialized printers for UPC tickets or care labels. While we are happy to provide our customers with all types of printer label and tag products, we understand that for some applications, the best option is for our customer to have their own in-plant printing system.

When it comes to selling thermal printers, there are a few distinct "CLP Advantages" that set us apart from the competition. Click here to learn more.


Adhesive Label Printers

These printers can used for printing all types of adhesive labels such as shipping or carton labels, UPC labels, and all other types of barcode labels. Available brands include Citizen, Zebra, Datamax, and Printronix. To help you ensure your barcode quality, ask us about our models with online barcode verification.


Ticket / Tag Printers

This class of printers can be used for printing cardstock tags such as UPC and price tickets. Brands available include Avery Dennison and Sato. Available options include cutting and stacking units. 


Care / Content Label Printers

Printers in this group are specially designed to produce sewn-in labels with variable data for apparel applications. These printers use thermal transfer technology and special wash-resistant ink to print on coated or woven tapes such as nylon, polyester, or satin. Available options include double-sided printing as well as cold-knife, hot-knife, or sonic-knife cutting units.