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CLP Printer Advantages

The "CLP Advantage"


Why buy a printer from CLP? Won't I find it cheaper on Amazon?



The first "CLP Advantage" comes from our in-house production departments. These facilities are the perfect testing grounds for new additions to our line of printer products. Printer models that don't perform here are not eligible for sale to our customers. Many resellers see each printer as just another widget on a shelf. At CLP, we gain detailed knowledge of each printer model by actually operating it to fulfill printing orders. 



The second "CLP Advantage" comes in the form of our factory-trained technicians. In the greater Los Angeles area, our team of technicians are available to help customers with training, repair issues, and preventive maintenance. Also, each printer sold by CLP comes with free installation, setup, and training. 



Lastly, even though CLP offers printers from a variety of manufacturers, we are not beholden to any one in particular. We have the greatest variety of product options but with none of the limitations. Our philosophy is to provide our customer with the "right tool for the job", at the best possible price.