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Thermal Label Stock



CLP supplies thermal labels to some of the largest brand-owners and logistics companies in the U.S. Our large warehouses allow us to manufacture labels in large quantities and pass the savings to our customers. Our thermal labels can be shipped fan-folded or on rolls. We offer multiple adhesives for different usage environments. We have many dimensions in stock and even more die sizes available for custom orders, from the common 4" x 6" to much smaller sizes such as 1.25" x 0.25". Please call us today for more information or a quick price quotation. 

Thermal Printing

Thermal printing is the most popular method of printing carton and shipping labels. More durable and cost-effective than toner-based laser printing, thermal printing has steadily gained popularity since its invention in 1972. There are two distinct type of thermal printing: direct thermal and thermal transfer.


Direct Thermal

Direct thermal labels contain a special coating that changes color when heated by the thermal printer. In previous years, direct thermal was shied away from because of its subpar quality when compared to thermal transfer. In the last decade, direct thermal materials have made significant advancements that put its print quality on par with thermal transfer in many cases. CLP offers high-quality direct thermal labels in three grades: good, better, and best. Best is our Scuff-Coat direct thermal. Ask us how this product can help you with reducing or eliminating carton label deductions and chargebacks. 

Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer printing transfers ink from a plastic carrier ribbon to the label material. This is a tried and true printing method can be extremely versatile by using various label material/ink combinations. CLP provides several thermal transfer label materials to suit different applications, such as TT paper, semi-gloss paper, and BOPP film. Our thermal transfer labels pair perfectly with our high-quality thermal ink ribbons