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Thermal Transfer Ribbons




If you have a thermal printer, we can provide you the supplies you need to achieve superior print quality at low, affordable prices. We supply high grade thermal ribbons for all major printer makes and models including Zebra, Datamax, Printronix, Sato, and Paxar. 



Wax ribbons make up the largest portion of the the thermal transfer ribbon market. They are inexpensive compared to their Wax-Resin and Full Resin counterparts but provide a very dark print quality. The Wax category of ribbons provides a limited durability life and are the perfect choice for printing labels that will have a measured use life and not be exposed to harsh elements. These applications include shipping labels for cartons, UPC labels, and price labels, among others. 

CLP offers two performance levels of Wax ribbons: Standard and Premium. Our Premium Wax ribbons are resin-enhanced to offer greater print durability and resistance to scuffing. 


The Wax-Resin category of ribbons has a significant increase in durability over the Wax category. These ribbons are the right choice for printing labels that will have an extended period of use or that require more durability. This could include shipping carton labels that will be exposed to harsh conditions or labels for semi-permanent, reusable items such as totes.

CLP offers two performance levels of Wax-Resin ribbons: Standard and Premium. 

Full Resin

Full Resin ribbons offer the maximum amount of durability and can achieve a virtually permeant print life when combined with certain label materials. Some examples of applications that could require Full Resin ribbons include asset labels, warehouse shelving labels, and care/content sewn-in labels for garments. 

CLP offers various models of Full Resin ribbons for different industry-specific cases.