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Label Printing Service

Label Printing for Logistics & Shipping


If you need labels for your shipping, logistics, or fulfillment operation, CLP can help you. CLP has an extensive range of printing devices at its disposal including thermal transfer, digital inkjet, and flexo press. This means that CLP has the right tool to produce any kind of logistic or shipping label. Our versatile production capabilities allow us to print order sizes from a few thousand labels to tens of millions. Our quality control programs allow us to ensure color accuracy and an ASNI grade of A or B for all of our barcodes.  


Shipping & Handling

CLP is your source for shipping & handling labels such as "Fragile", "Lead Carton", Li-Ion battery warning, and more. We offer multiple colors, minimum order quantities as low as 2,000 pieces, competitive pricing, and short lead times. 


LPN Labels

LPN labels are a crucial operational tool for many distribution facilities. Unfortunately they are one of the last labels that a company wants to print in-house due to the complexity of managing one or more serializations and the need for 100% barcode accuracy and quality. This is where CLP shines. We produce tens of millions of LPNs every year for our customers. We guarantee our LPN labels to have high quality barcodes and to be 100% free of duplications.


Location Labels

CLP has multiple types of location labels for varying durability needs. These can be for warehouse racks and shelves, totes, bins, and more. Our highest quality location labels are made from white BOPP film, permanent adhesive, and full resin ink. When applied to plastic totes and used more than 16 per day, they have been shown to last more than three years without tearing, scuffing or fading.