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Afinia Label Printers

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L801 Color label Printer for Short to Medium Runs

The Afinia L801 Color Label Printer, powered by Memjet Technology, delivers high-impact, full-color output at 12 inches per second (60ft/min) for just pennies a label. High-quality labels improve brand recognition and allow your products to stand out from the competition. In addition, printing labels in-house offers many benefits to your business:

• Eliminate inventory of preprinted labels
• Eliminate waste by printing labels as needed
• Print variable content, date codes,
in real time
• No minimum order quantities
• Make immediate changes to label content
• New revenue possibilities with private and custom labeling

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.13.32 PM.png

L301 Color Label Printer for Small Businesses

Creating professional labels on demand is easy with the L301. Bringing short-run label printing in-house saves time and money. Eliminate lead times, setup fees, plate changing fees, and order quantity minimums associated with outsourcing labels. The L301’s continuous roll printing capability allows businesses to print professional-quality labels as needed. No more wasted time, wasted money, or wasted labels. 

• Professional looking labels, on demand
• Simplify workflows, eliminate the hassles of sheet printing
• Flexibility to change label designs & content
• Minimize waste by printing only the labels you need
• Economically priced specifically for small businesses


L501 Industrial Color Label Printer

The L501 is the first label printer with Duo Ink Technology, designed to print with both pigment and dye inks. This dual-ink feature allows for a quick transition from dye-based vibrant and colorful prime labels, to ultra-durable pigment-based label applications with a simple printhead swap.

• Print vibrant & colorful labels with dye-based inks
• Use pigment inks for water, abrasion, & UV resistance
• Flexibility to change label designs & content on the fly
• Minimize waste by printing only labels you need
• Best for short to mid-sized print runs